We are so grateful to our Summit and Medina County homeowners and crews! We now have a very coveted spot available as we grow our team!

Why consider joining the Home Sweet Home Remodeling team?

You’ll have the opportunity to work with the best people in Summit and Medina county as we have been the premier remodeler here for more than two decades! Imagine working on award-winning designs, with quality materials and caring homeowners, … all right here!

Carpenter/product manager »

Work on the best quality jobs in all of Northeast Ohio!

-Are you challenged by custom work?

-Do you like that every day is different – not mundane?

-Want to work with a small team, and be able to think on your feet, solving problems and making smart decisions?

 -Do you want to work with the kindest, most respectful homeowner clients around?

That’s a day at Home Sweet Home Remodeling.

-Be REWARDED and COMPENSATED for your great work.

-Be in a culture that values quality.

-Work close to home on award-winning designs with quality materials.

We are looking for experienced finish carpenters — experience as a cabinet installer and/or tile setter who knows his/her way around remodeling.

ENJOY your workdays with the premier remodeler in Summit and Medina County for more than two decades!

Imagine working on award-winning designs, with quality materials and caring homeowners, … all right here!

Designer »

Enjoy the task at hand and create a visual difference for homeowners. Candidate needs at least 4 years of design work experience and is excited by home design, enjoy working in Chief Architect software. The position is contract based with the ability to work from home, and visit home sites in Summit and Medina counties. Applicants should be proficient in new construction or renovation plan design, and have a working knowledge of construction and the build process. Candidate must have field knowledge of construction and the ability to produce full construction drawings, detail drawings, interior drawings, and 3D renderings. Candidate must have strong Chief Architect and 3D rendering skills. Knowledge of CoConstruct and estimating will be a plus. Must be talented and passionate about design, detail oriented, and have a great work ethic.

Superintendent »

Bring all your skills to the table and collaborate with the best homeowners and a small team. A mix of hands-on work and supervision will make your days go fast and feel rewarding. Mature in your trade, be trusted with the discipline to keep your own hours and take ownership for your work. Talk to us to learn more!

Virtual assistant »

Work independently during traditional M-F 8am-5PM business hours. Flexible schedule and the ability to work from home once trained!

Work with the nicest homeowners around!

Updating documents and project timelines
Familiar with SharePoint, OneDrive
Proficient Word, Excel, Power Point
Support all administrative duties

We are looking for someone who has fresh ideas, who is on top of today’s technology, and interested in helping homeowners make their dreams come true!

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