Aging in Place // Stay happy and healthy in your own home

We understand that you need to make the safest choices for your situation and moving into an assisted living community may be right for some, but remodeling your home is another option for those who prefer to stay near their neighbors and loved ones. If you are able to stay in your own home, we can work with you to make it safe so you can comfortably age in place.

 What is aging in place?

Aging in place is continuing to live in your home as you get older, often accommodated by home remodels. It looks like different things to different people, but your home should be tailored to you and your needs. Deciding where to live as you get older can be a tough decision, but there’s no place like home, and it should change to keep up with you.

 Why should I consider it?

Numerous studies have shown that aging in place helps you stay physically and mentally healthy. The privacy of your home allows you to lead an independent life while still keeping your ties with friends and neighbors. The familiarity of your home and contact with your current community can improve memory. It also costs less to stay where you are. The long-term cost of an assisted living community is far greater than the cost of a remodel.

Where should I start?

Think of what functionality problems you may be having with your home right now. Do you dread the step into the shower each morning? Are the stairs getting harder and harder to climb? Your home should be all about comfort, and a curbless shower, stair lift or a ramp installation will make all the difference when mobility doesn’t come as easily as it used to. Details down to lever handles and grab bars make operation of doors and faucets easier when dexterity slows. Home Sweet Home will work with you to remodel any and all parts of your home to ensure your safety for years to come. Whether it’s one room or the entire floor, your safety should be priority number one. You have so much more autonomy than you would in an assisted living room and because of that, we can make your entire home work for you.

Why Home Sweet Home?

Bathrooms have been proven to be the most dangerous room in the house, and our expertise can help eliminate any slips or trips in your daily routine. Our 20+ years of remodeling experience combined with our attentive crew will provide you with the quality and care that you deserve. By choosing to age in place, you won’t have to choose between function and form, we can help your home keep up with you. We will work with you on your budget and your needs to make your vision a reality, just ask our satisfied clients!

If anything in your home is keeping you from leading a safe, comfortable life, please give us a call. Our designers and builders can answer any questions you have and help make your home as accessible as possible.

There’s no place like home!

Ric Sir Louis

Owner – General Contractor – Designer