Why write a review?

Have you had a great experience with a local company and want to pay it forward? Leaving an online review is a quick way to show your appreciation, and enhance your community. People often look to written reviews and ratings before hiring – 93% of people say an online review influenced their decision! Especially when it comes to local service providers, supporting a business who provides superior quality, service and communication can mean the difference between your community keeping and losing a business. You want to keep good people in town!

Don’t know where to start?
The most common, and easiest, places to leave a review are Google, Facebook, Yelp and the Better Business Bureau.

Not sure what to write? Here’s a quick and easy formula:

Sentence 1- Give the context of how we know each other: Info on the project, time we’ve known each other, etc.


  • I had the pleasure of working with Ric for our kitchen remodel this spring.
  • I hired Home Sweet Home to remodel our house after seeing his incredible work other kitchens, bathrooms and new construction.
  • Our realtor introduced us to Ric and he built the ideal commercial space for us last year.

Sentence 2 – Think about one or two things you think we do better than anyone else.


  • I was particularly impressed by the completely lifelike 3D rendering that made me feel that I knew exactly what I was getting.
  • I was always appreciative of Ric listening to our family’s needs and coming up with a design that addressed everything we wanted.
  • Home Sweet Home built with quality that I have never seen in another home remodel.

Sentence 3 – Closing recommendation


  • Home Sweet Home would be a great partner on any kitchen remodeling project.
  • Any homeowner would be lucky to work with Ric.
  • As a quality contractor, Home Sweet Home earns my highest recommendation.

That’s it! Please feel free to write from your heart, but we know not everyone enjoys writing! Remember, you’re contributing to the greater good of your community when you do.

Ric Sir Louis

Owner – General Contractor – Designer