Bathroom Remodels that Allow you to Stay in Your Home Longterm

Aging in place promotes life satisfaction, a positive quality of life, and self-esteem—all of which are needed to remain happy, healthy, and well into old age. Is your home ready? It can be, and it can be this beautiful!

Basically, “aging in place” is a plan to stay in your current home instead of moving into an assisted living or nursing facility as you grow older. This often requires alterations in the home that provide safety and comfort. Your home will function for you, not against you.

Many agree this investment is far superior to moving to a senior facility. AARP reports nearly 80 percent of adults 50 and older want to remain in their homes for the long term. And wouldn’t you rather have your bathroom under construction now, when you’re in your 50s or 60s, healthy, and mobile?

Compound that with the fact that assisted living facilities can cost from $50,000 to $100,000 per year, and getting your home ready now is both the better financial and less stressful decision.

Remodeling your kitchen, bathrooms or event entire first floor is worth the investment today.

“The same bathroom remodel we did five years ago would cost $10,000 dollars more at minimum,” says Ric Sir Louis, owner of Home Sweet Home. “Inflation over time will always result in a higher cost renovation. Start now.”

“Even if you invest $100,000 or more in your home renovation, it is still less expensive to remodel than going elsewhere,” continued Sir Louis. “And we will tell you the truth. High quality and doing the job correctly and fairly are our guiding principles.”

You want to make the safest choice for your needs. But if it is possible to keep living independently by modifying the home, we are experts at providing the accommodations you need. We have had many homeowners undergo a remodel and enjoy their home for years to come, and studies show staying at home can be beneficial to mental and emotional health.

Here are few examples of the 360-degree view we take of your home when remodeling for aging in place:

Seam flooring and curbless showers without the risk of tripping or mis-stepping over a threshold.
A comfort height toilet, and paper and towel bars and lower height, reducing reach.
Large windows and multiple light fixtures maximize available light for improved visibility.